Sample Activity 1

Listen to 8 water sounds (mp3) and match them with the pictures (pdf).


Sample Activity 2
(Thanks to John Buckley and Yvonne Higgins for this resource.)

Instruction to students:

"Listen to 3 pieces of music. Match each piece to a picture. Write the correct number under each picture and give reasons for your choice."

Here are the mp3s:


Piece Number ____ because _________________________


Piece Number ____ because _________________________


Piece Number ____ because _________________________


Sample Activity 3: Oró mo bháidín


  • Work out the chords for the ukulele.
  • Compare the three versions. Use musical terms to describe the three arrangements / interpretations.

Sample Activity 4: Vltava - Smetana

Resources and ideas for making a video, using Photostory


Sample Activity 5: Water Music by Handel - Minuet

Worksheet on rudiments (leger lines, sequences, rhythm, tonic solfa)


Pieces with a water theme for projects and related listening

  NB JOURNEYS are also a good theme due to the idea of moving on.







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