Sample Activity 1
(Thanks to John Buckley and Yvonne Higgins for this resource.)

This is an activity which is recommended for 3rd class pupils and which could be adapted for 1st years in post-primary. It is based on four excerpts of 'mouth music'. These are:

Objectives of the exercise

    • Listening and responding to four pieces of music through writing and discussion
    • Describing music in words
    • Exercising their sense of timbre (voices and instruments)
    • Exercising their sense of texture (solo and group)
    • Experiencing mouth music in different styles


Ask each student to imagine that he / she is a sales assistant in a brand new CD shop that specialises in vocal music from all over the world. An hour before the official grand opening, one of the shelves behind the sales counter collapses and hundreds of CDs fall out of their covers. Unfortunately, the CD sleeves are out on display and the only way to match the CDs to their covers is to play the first track of each CD and read the product description next to the code.


The students are not told the name of the pieces, at first. As each piece is playing, they jot down what they hear, paying attention to (a) performer/s, (b) accompaniment, (c) language and (d) mood. They then match their four descriptions to the four titles.


Sample Activity 2








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